Still Believe *These* 4 Gun Myths?

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Still Believe *These* 4 Gun Myths?

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Somehow, incorrect information about guns has a way of “going viral.” In this short informational video, U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski picks four common gun myths and explains why they’re just plain wrong. Will you agree with what he says? Watch to the end to find out.

00:00 Kevin prepares to debunk four more misconceptions that people keep believing about the concealed carry lifestyle.
00:30 Gun Myth #1: Storing your magazines with ammo in them will wear out the springs.
01:15 Gun Myth #2: Bug-out bags are for doomsday preppers and worriers.
02:02 Gun Myth #3: Law enforcement officers will appreciate your help if you jump in to assist with your firearm.
03:00 Gun Myth #4: Dry-fire training will damage your gun.

What do you think of Kevin’s assessment of these four common gun myths? Let him have it (civilly) in the comments.

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