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Star Parker: Freedom Is Rooted in Sanctity of Life

In 1955, an unmarried pregnant University of Wisconsin graduate student left her home and traveled to San Francisco to a doctor who took in unwed expectant mothers, delivered their babies and helped arrange adoptions.

The baby son she delivered and put up for adoption grew up to become the legendary business and technology entrepreneur .

Had it been 1975, rather than 1955, there is a reasonable chance there would have never been a Steve Jobs. In 1975 America, after Roe v. Wade became law and where values markedly changed such that a young Catholic woman felt less shame to be unmarried and pregnant, Steve Jobs’ mother could well have wound up in a clinic.

Looking around at the impact of laptop computers, iPhones, social media and remote work, it’s hard to imagine what our lives would be like today had that one genius not been born.


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