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Sinema Signals She Won’t Bust Filibuster for Gun Control

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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) says she doesn’t believe “that DC solutions are realistic” for stopping massacres like yesterday’s in Uvalde, Texas.

NBC’s Jake Sherman said Sinema stopped reporters outside the Senate chamber because she “had something to say.”

“This is rare” for her, he added.

Sherman asked if Sinema would be willing to “set aside” the filibuster to force some kind of gun control measure through the evenly divided Senate. Her fellow Democrat Senator, Jon Tester of Montana, waited mere hours after Tuesday night’s slaughter to press for universal background check legislation. “Come on guys, kids got killed yesterday for Christ’s sakes,” he told colleagues this morning.

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“Let’s talk about what can be done, not talk about what somebody wants, all

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