Silver & Gold VS the Stock Market 2022 YTD – Protect Yourself NOW!

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Silver & Gold VS the Stock Market 2022 YTD - Protect Yourself NOW!

In this video I talk about silver and gold vs the stock market in 2022. So far year to date precious metals have been doing extremely well compared to most other things. At the moment silver is down slightly for the year, but gold is up! Recently the stock market has been plummeting and it seems like we may be headed for a stock market crash. The stock market has been going down considerably and it may not be done going down yet. Will silver and gold act as a hedge? So far gold has been a great place to store wealth and it will continue to be a safe haven as things get worse. I have been buying gold and silver for years and I will continue to buy as much as I can with all of this uncertainty in the world.



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