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Shireen Abu Akleh: Today, all Palestinians are mourning

This morning, a beep on my phone woke me up at 8am. It was a notification from a Telegram channel called “Martyrs of Palestine”. I wasn’t shocked. It is, after all, not unusual for us Palestinians to wake up to the news of one or more of us having been killed in a raid by Israeli occupation forces – in the West Bank, such raids happen almost every night, just before the break of dawn.

But I froze when I actually read the short message: “Shireen Abu Akleh – 51 years old – 11/05/2022 – Jenin Refugee Camp”. I was sure it was a mistake, a notification sent in error.

As I tried to process what I had just read, my WhatsApp and Twitter feeds got flooded with news, photos, and videos of Shireen. It was true. She had been killed – murdered. I was horrified. Tears started to roll down

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