You are currently viewing Seller got ONLY 88% of SPOT FOR GOLD – £4,500 LOSS on One Coin | Silver & Gold Coin Auction Results!

Seller got ONLY 88% of SPOT FOR GOLD – £4,500 LOSS on One Coin | Silver & Gold Coin Auction Results!

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In a recent gold and silver coin auction there were some huge losses for some sellers on recent Royal Mint Coins. Is the bubble bursting? Has the bubble burst? I dive in and have a look at the recent results of a coin auction and see what we can learn from the results.

This video represents my opinions only. I am in favour of people buying silver, but do it responsibly. Don’t go and buy all in one day when the dealers know you are coming. Also understand that the paper and physical silver markets are very different and will have absolutely no chance of being "squeezed" up by purchasing silver from dealers. Be smart, make the right financial decisions for you and don’t rely on pumpers and hype mongers to get your information.

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Please understand that this video is made for entertainment purposes and does not constitute financial advice in any way. No contract has been put in place between viewers and Backyard Bullion and as such any and all financial decisions taken having watched this video have no relationship to what is said herein.

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I would suggest anyone looking to invest in gold and silver to get in touch with qualified financial advisors and work out what is best for YOU!

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