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Salon falsely calls book banning a far-right practice

Librarians are pushing back against book banning – and they should. Doctors against medical care would be an equivalent idea if they weren’t. However, Salon manages to make the leap to an insistence that it’s Republicans – you know, the “far-right” – who are behind all of this, in opposition to our Noble Librarians.

This is not true.

As proof of Salon’s views in their piece about librarians being those defenders of the faith, we’re told:

“The American Library Association, the American Federation of Teachers, and more than two dozen other organizations on Tuesday formed a coalition to fight the far-right’s record-breaking censorship barrage—wherein nearly 1,600 books were targeted for removal from public shelves and schools across the United States in 2021.”

Just in case we’ve not understood that it’s the Republicans who are that far-right, we’re also told that “[b]ook bans are part of the Republican Party’s broader war

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