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Roe and the Culture of Death

Theodore Roosevelt once said in his straightforward manner, regarding the role of women in modern life, “Equality of rights does not mean equality of function.” How prescient, although I doubt that even he could have foreseen the delusions that have gripped about half of Americans.

He held as self-evident that there are two sexes, that there are physical differences between them, and that no denigration nor subjugation nor modified rights may be deduced from such facts of nature. “Function” can be cast as a dirty or dismissive word, but every living being on Earth has a function. Flora and fauna work out their functions in this world, unable to even think about inventing alternate determinations. Humans, however, occasionally think that they can exercise their will contrary to divine or natural will. Some deceive themselves to think women can become men, men can become pregnant, sinfulness is

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