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'Remember to turn off the light' – embrace the Carter era redux!

After decades of trying to scrape the cruddy residue off household light switch covers left by Jimmy Carter energy crisis/stagflation-era “TURN OFF THE LIGHT” stickers, Americans may now breathe a sigh of relief. Replacement stickers are on their way!

Virginia’s Dominion Energy has announced 20% residential price increases, to be reflected in customers’ monthly bills. Other power companies (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, etc.) are following suit.

Don’t worry! Simply peel off the adhesive backing of your sticker (don’t forget to “Put Litter in its Place,” say, a cardigan pocket), and replace yesteryear’s grimy misery with today’s. You’ll be doing your part for the environment, and as a bonus it might even feel a tad cooler, without air conditioning, to sit in the dark. Do you have a dusty old lava lamp somewhere? Complete the experience! Just remember to turn it off when you’re not looking.

In his electrifying Eisenhower Building speech Tuesday, our president

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