You are currently viewing Real World Talks: pfsense firewalls for home and business? // Featuring Tom Lawrence

Real World Talks: pfsense firewalls for home and business? // Featuring Tom Lawrence

Are pfsense firewalls any good for home or business? Which businesses are supported by pfsense? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using pfsense? How big can they go? Lots of questions! Fortunately Tom answers these and many more in this video.

// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ Introduction
01:29 ▶️ What pfSense is and Tom’s experience with pfSense
03:43 ▶️ Tom and Open Source
04:38 ▶️ The benefit of pfSense being Open Source
05:21 ▶️ Systems Tom has deployed with pfSense
07:22 ▶️ pfSense licensing cost
09:09 ▶️ Using pfSense at home
11:45 ▶️ Virtualization
12:28 ▶️ Raspberry Pi support
13:02 ▶️ Virtualization vs hardware
14:37 ▶️ Tom’s recommendation for small/medium businesses
19:43 ▶️ pfSense actual cost (pfSense vs pfSense+)
22:22 ▶️ Reasons not to use pfSense
24:45 ▶️ Tom’s biggest pfSense deployment
26:07 ▶️ pfSense above 10G
27:11 ▶️ pfSense and VPN
28:32 ▶️ Handling lots of VPN connections
29:29 ▶️ Advice for starting a consulting business
31:09 ▶️ Technical skills vs sales skills
32:22 ▶️ The benefit of having sales skills
35:58 ▶️ It’s about the customer, not the product you use
38:02 ▶️ How Tom got his first customers
40:21 ▶️ Why Tom has a YouTube channel
43:46 ▶️ This video is not sponsored by a VPN company
43:53 ▶️ Skills to learn in 2022 to get started
48:13 ▶️ Story 1 – Hacked client
49:10 ▶️ Story 2 – That will never happen in the real world
51:28 ▶️ Story 3- We’ve all done it
52:40 ▶️ Final advice
54:15 ▶️ Networking with people

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