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Race-Hoax-Spreader Dr. Mehmet Oz Wants to Go to Washington

When we originally covered the Jussie Smollett race hoax, I vividly recall conservatives voicing their skepticism within minutes after the false allegations were made. As both the Chicago Police and countless patriots said at the time, it just seemed off. None of it made sense, particularly the thought that there are roving gangs of Trump supporters looking for homosexual Black men walking home from Subway on the frozen streets of Chicago in the early morning.

It seemed pretty obvious at the time and as his story unraveled spectacularly, even many in the center and on the left started questioning his story. By the time it became apparent to just about everyone that none of it made sense, one television star stood by Smollett and helped to spread his fake news. That man was Dr. Mehmet Oz.

According to The Post Millennial:

In the latest controversy surrounding Trump endorsed GOP senate candidate Dr. Mehmet

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