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Putin Is Now Using More ‘Invincible’ Hypersonic Missiles in Ukraine

Putin is using again in While commemorated its World War II victory over Nazi Germany with Victory Day Festivities on May 9, Russian forces bombed the strategic Ukrainian port city of Odesa. Russian President Vladimir Putin laid flowers on a monument that salutes Odessa, the “hero city.” Hours later, Kinzhal ground-attack ultra-fast missiles flew Odesa’s way. The raid hit a shopping mall and hotel, and it killed at least one Ukrainian. 

Amazing Cynicism

The bombardment also featured the Soviet-era Kh-22 cruise missile. Up to seven munitions were launched against Odessa. The Russians were trying to punish the city’s residents while European Council President Charles Michel visited. Michel was forced to take cover during the attack.

“Putin could not capture Odessa, and so he has started to destroy its infrastructure,” Ukrainian politician and Odesa resident Oleksiy Honcharenko told Michael Wasiura of Newsweek. “Local residents are

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