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Project Convergence ‘22 aims to have best-positioned force shoot first

PHILADELPHIA — The U.S. Army will pursue sophisticated data-sharing capabilities at this year’s Project Convergence demonstration that officials said will enable the best-positioned military asset to take immediate action, regardless national affiliation.

“We’re never going to fight as just a joint organization,” Brig. Gen. Jeth Rey, director of the Network Cross-Functional Team, said May 10 on the sidelines of a summit with contractors and potential suppliers. “We’re going to always have our coalition partners. So we want the effects to be: If they’re in the best area to shoot, we want them to shoot.”

Now in its third year, Project Convergence ‘22 seeks to integrate artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomy to improve battlefield situational awareness, connect sensors with shooters and accelerate decision-making. For the first time this fall, it will involve international participation, with Australia and the U.K. actively taking part while Canada and others observe.

The international collaboration, which may also include

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