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Prize-winning 'Netanyahus' author says it's also about Trump

JERUSALEM (AP) — “The Netanyahus,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction this week, recounts a very funny anecdote about Israel’s famous family that unfolds more than a half-century before one of them became it’s longest-serving prime minister.

But Joshua Cohen, the book’s 41-year-old author, says the novel is about identity and illiberalism, fathers and sons, autocrats and politics-as-entertainment – and that he had another recently dethroned leader in mind when he wrote it.

“I wanted to write something about what it felt like to live the Trump years,” he told The Associated Press in an interview in Jerusalem. He had planned to have a quiet, weeklong writing retreat here that was interrupted late Monday by the news that he had won the prize.

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like former President Donald Trump, “comes from a family that became essentially a reality show family,” Cohen said.


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