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PolitiFact fails to fact-check source in fact-checking piece

If those who do the fact-checking cannot recognize bad logic when they see it, then where are we with this idea that we should have fact-checkers? If we must be protected from misinformation but those deciding what is information and what is that misinformation can be gulled by bad argumentation then how well are we being protected? Even, aren’t we then more likely to be subject to misinformation? Given that those clearing it, stamping their approval on it, can’t spot when they themselves are being misled? 

This brings us to this from PolitiFact. In a tweet, they say: “There are longstanding false claims that gay, lesbian and bisexual people — men in particular — molest children at higher rates than people who are not LGBTQ. Studies have revealed most child molesters identify as heterosexual, according to the Zero Abuse Project. “

Please note: This complaint is not about grooming, sexuality

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