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Philadelphia: Legal Gun Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber

In another example of in , a resident fatally shot an armed would-be robber while he was outside smoking a cigarette on Wednesday night, Philadelphia Police said. The South Philadelphia resident was licensed to carry.

“It looked like a robbery victim, at this time, turned the tables on a would-be robber and shot him in the head,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told NBC 10.

The incident took place shortly after 11:30 pm on Wednesday near Moyamensing Avenue. A 24-year-old man was smoking outside his home when an Asian man approached him while riding a bike, law enforcement said. The man then pulled out a gun and “announced a robbery.”


The Philadelphia resident then reportedly pulled out his own licensed handgun and shot the assailant once in the head. Despite being shot, the would-be robber managed to fire two shots of his own, both of which failed to hit

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