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Party of Felon Aliens and Drug Dealers?

Joe Biden is commuting the sentences of drug dealers, calling them “non-violent” and Merrick Garland is working to make certain no serious offender gets deported. If they don’t watch out, Americans will begin to see Democrats as the Party of criminals. Given their penchant for closing prisons, releasing hardened criminals, and allowing cartels to pour over our open borders, it’s not a big stretch.


Joe Biden commutated the sentences of 75 drug dealers and pardoned three others. He called the crimes “non-violent” but drugs are violent. They kill or at least harm people. Also, how many drug dealers walk around without a weapon?

The drug dealers dealt Meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and who knows what else. There was some racketeering and money laundering too.

When these people are sentenced, they have already pleaded down.

Maybe they’re friends of Hunter. [sarcasm]


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