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North Idaho Voter Services: What is It?

: What is It?

By: HSC16

Many residents in North Idaho have been wondering: What is North Idaho Voter Services? Who runs the organization?

North Idaho Voter Services, also known as NIVS, was founded by Diana Dawson and is a political 501 c-4 organization whose mission is “the election of qualified candidates through voter participation and trustworthy information”, according to their website:

Diana Dawson, the founder of NIVS, has donated to the Take Back Idaho PAC, which states on its website that its mission is to “take Idaho back from the grip of the [Idaho Freedom Foundation]…” and one of its Directors is Jim Jones, the author of an article attacking conservative Idaho leaders mentioned below.

The organization tries to portray itself as a , conservative organization. However, the NIVS website includes put-downs of conservatives as “loud far right rhetoric”.

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