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NBA’s Planned Games in Abu Dhabi Expose LGBT Hypocrisy

(Alex Tien, Headline USA) The National Basketball Association’s love of money became grossly apparent this week, with FOX News reporting that the league will be hosting preseason games in Abu Dhabi, a city in the .

The NBA has historically been a massive supporter of gay and rights, so it’s confusing as to why they would host games in a country where being gay is punishable by death.

The games in Abu Dhabi will take place between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks, and are scheduled for Oct. 6 and 8 at the Etihad Arena. There will also be other events hosted, such as a video game tournament and junior basketball competitions.

The league’s hypocrisy has become extremely noticeable over the past few years. Back in 2016, the decided to relocate its All-Star game out of Charlotte, N.C., because of a transgender-related bathroom bill that the league claimed

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