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Navy Dials Back Its Reading List of Woke Literature

(Cynthia Zayn, Headline USA) The United States Navy’s official reading list no longer includes books that are considered socially progressive, racially divisive, woke, leftist, or Marxist, depending on different interpretations of titles like Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist,” which helped anchor a foundation for promoting critical race theory.

Kendi’s radical book was yanked, along with upwards of 50 other similarly-themed offerings, and replaced with “a dozen books mainly focusing on the Navy and military strategy,” according to the Daily Mail.

“A learning mindset is essential to accelerating our warfighting advantage,” Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Gilday said in a statement announcing the Navy’s Professional Reading Program list for 2022.

And a “learning mindset” geared toward military history and strategic thinking, apparently, is more important than learning about sexual minorities and , what with a potentially world-engulfing war unfolding in Ukraine, a hostile regime in China and a Middle

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