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Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Committee Is Following The Same Pattern As The Evil John Doe Investigation

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Fifteen months after certified the , House Speaker ’s hand-picked commission is still forging ahead with partisan theater.

The committee has seized bank records of peaceful protesters, routinely made up evidence to tarnish Republican leaders, spied on federal lawmakers’ phone records, threatened press freedom, and is now admittedly trying to criminalize GOP’s on the issue of election security, as The Federalist’s Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway reported last month.

The unserious committee has been exploiting the for political ends since it happened, but as time passes, Democrats’ abuses of power become more brazen — and they call to mind some of the most egregious instances of neglect of the rule of and civil liberties in our country’s recent history.

The yearslong and still ongoing Russia collusion hoax comes to mind. The committee’s conduct has drawn parallels to Watergate as well, most recently with its attempts to subpoena opposition records, which would include financial records from the Salesforce database as well as personal, sensitive information about Republican donors and other party supporters.

As the National Republican Senate Committee wrote in an amicus brief, “What the Salesforce subpoena demands is for the company to hand over the ‘Holy Grail’ of the RNC’s internal digital playbook.”

But there’s another comparison — one that carried massive implications for national and the rule of law: ’s infamous John Doe investigation of former Gov. and his supporters.

The John Doe Investigation

It all started back in

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