You are currently viewing Mother of NYC Murder Victim Speaks Out on Rampant Crime in Leftist City: 'Something Has to Be Done'

Mother of NYC Murder Victim Speaks Out on Rampant Crime in Leftist City: 'Something Has to Be Done'

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The mother of a 26-year-old man who was brutally murdered in the Queens borough of New York City on Saturday is calling on city leaders to take action.

“Something has to be done,” Joycelyn Dodds Panthier told the New York Post.

Video showed 26-year-old Peter Panthier in a light-colored hoodie walking alongside what appeared to be an acquaintance in Queens on Saturday, the Post reported.

However, the second man suddenly turned against Peter and pulled a handgun on him. He held the gun up to the left side of Peter’s head and pulled the trigger.

After the shot, the Post reported Peter “immediately stiffened and toppled to the ground.” Soon after, he was pronounced dead at St. John’s Episcopal Chapel.


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As she mourned the loss, Joycelyn implored Democrat NYC Mayor to make the city safer for people like her son.

“Fix the city!” she said. “Hold people accountable for their actions. Children are dying.”

Peter grew up on a Caribbean island called Dominica. His parents moved to New York City about 18 months ago, but he did not immediately follow them.

Joycelyn said her son stayed behind in Trinidad and Tobago to focus on his studies at St. Augustine College.

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“He’s really super intelligent,” she said. “He tested super high on his IQ. Einstein levels.”

Sadly, Peter began to struggle with depression during his time in school. Eventually, his parents convinced him to move to New York to be with them.

“He was suffering from depression so badly that he didn’t finish his studies,” Jocelyn told the Post. “We just asked him to come home.”

She said Peter did not have many friends, and she did not recognize the man who killed him from the video. As of Thursday, police had yet to identify the killer.

The Panthier’s story is just one of many instances of

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