MONDAY MOTIVATION FOR WRITERS [Episode 20: Beating Self-Sabotage]

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MONDAY MOTIVATION FOR WRITERS [Episode 20: Beating Self-Sabotage]

Starting up a paid writing career is a big life change – and, though it’s exciting, it can feel scary or uncomfortable in the beginning. Sometimes, in the interest of protecting ourselves from scary things, we engage in self-defeating behaviors that hold us back.

In today’s Monday Motivation for Writers session, success coach Ted Capshaw and AWAI Director of Training, Jade Trueblood, work on beating self-sabotage by asking you to look inward at your behaviors. Are you doing anything to try to protect yourself that is only holding you back? Do you have self-defeating behaviors that aren’t serving you? What can you do to beat self-sabotage, instead?

Watch for a much-needed wake-up call and reminder to continue looking inward and examining our own behaviors.

Join us every Monday morning for a boost of writing motivation, plus tips and strategies to make sure you’re staying on track and moving towards your goals all year.

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0:00 Welcome back to Monday Morning Jumpstart
0:29 Do You Have Self-Defeating Behaviors?
1:30 How Hard Times Affect Self-Defeating Behaviors
3:33 What Self-Defeating Behavior Do You Have?
4:57 Are You Using Self-Defeating Language?
7:47 Give Some Thought to Your Daily Actions


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