Migrating ancient Inca data to an opensource database | Khipu to Excel | #CuratorsCorner S6 Ep10

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Migrating ancient Inca data to an opensource database | Khipu to Excel | #CuratorsCorner S6 Ep10

Have you ever tried putting a series of very specific knots into an Excel spreadsheet? Conservator Nicole Rode hadn’t, up until she was asked to do some conservation work on a khipu in the British Museum Collection. This is the story of Nicole’s unusual conservation project, and how it became her favourite object in the British Museum. This episode is a follow on from the last episode of Curator’s Corner, which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/HrfKOQKyffE

The khipu is an ingenious alternative device to a counting system, first introduced by the Wari and developed by the Inca. It was made up of a series of coloured, twisted and knotted cords that stored information, like the number of people in a community or the amount of food harvested. Honestly, the verdict is still out on exactly how these were used, but we do know from Spanish chronicles that they were also used to record histories, poems and even songs.

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