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Midwestern states endure steep rise in drug overdose deaths in 2021

U.S. drug overdoses increased 15% between December 2020 and December 2021, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

The two-year jump established new records for overdose deaths.

The Midwestern states took part in the nation’s upward trend. Minnesota, for example, recognized a 26.01% increase. Indiana jumped 21.26%, Wisconsin 13.97%, Iowa 12.41% and Michigan 9.31%.

The Associated Press reported the CDCP numbers on Wednesday, noting 107,622 drug overdose deaths occurred throughout the United States in 2021. This roughly translates into one drug overdose nearly every five minutes.

Drugs deemed responsible for the overdose deaths include:

Heroin. Natural opioid analgesics, including morphine and codeine. Semisynthetic opioids, including drugs such as oxycodone hydrocodone, hydromorphone and oxymorphone. Methadone, a synthetic opioid.Synthetic opioid analgesics other than methadone, including fentanyl and tramadol.Cocaine.Psychostimulants with abuse potential, which includes methamphetamine.

The CDC said the “unspecified narcotics” category is often

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