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Man! I Like That Horse! (Video)

The Washington Standard 2022-05-12

Growing up and into young adulthood, I was a sports junkie. I started playing organized championship sports in the fifth grade. I was born and raised in Indiana where people eat, breathe and sleep basketball. Every elementary school—not to mention junior high and high school—has its own gymnasium. The movie Hoosiers (which is based on another thrilling true underdog story about a high school basketball team from a small town in Indiana during the 1950s—before there were divisions in high school athletics) is an accurate depiction of the place basketball plays in the hearts of the people of Indiana.

I was on the La Porte Park School basketball team during my fifth and sixth grade years. In our fifth grade season we were undefeated and won the city championship. In our sixth grade season, we lost two games to Riley School, but Riley was beaten in

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