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Man ambushed and gunned down at Philadelphia gas station

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Stunning surveillance video shows part of a lethal ambush attack on a man pumping fuel at a Philadelphia gas station on Monday.

Video released by the shows two assassins dressed in all black clothing, gun down the victim about 2:30 p.m. at a Gulf Station in North Philly, authorities said.

The footage shows the suspects pulling into the gas station ahead of the pumps in a maroon Mazda 3 with New Jersey plates. The hooded gunmen hopped out of the car and flanked the intended target. One suspect maneuvered with a handgun, the other with an assault rifle, similar to an AK-47, the video showed.

The suspects fired multiple times on the victim, the New York Post reported.

Following the ambush shooting, the attackers retreated to the idling suspect vehicle, hopped in the backseat

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