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Make Compost from Your Garden Pathways | No Compost Bins Needed!

I’m very excited to share this composting concept that was inspired after visiting Liz Zorab a few years ago. One of the biggest challenges small gardens face is space to make compost, but you can turn your pathways into very effective compost makers and provide enough material for you to mulch your beds and pots provided you don’t mind a slight loss of aesthetic! I really hope you take some inspiration from this and that you can adapt it to your own growing space to save space and money and help you grow more food in your vegetable garden.

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Intro – 0:00
Liz Zorab – 0:40
Wood Chip / Compost Hybrid – 1:50
Compost Pathways – 2:28
Protect Wooden Beds – 2:41
Cardboard Base – 3:04
Tips for hard ground – 3:55
Formula for volume of compost per area – 4:12
2x beds mulched from a single path – 5:06
First Layer – 6:01
Wood chip – 6:43
Adding compost materials – 6:59
Inoculate with Biology – 7:39
Speed up the process – 7:58
Maintenance – 8:33
Your Challenge – 9:06

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