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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Hopes Trump Has ‘Learned His Lesson’

Stanford University, where the administration worked actively to engineer a student walkout when I spoke there in 2017, is on the warpath against the freedom of speech these days. In April, Barack Obama spoke there and called for restrictions on speech to combat “disinformation.” On Wednesday, the far-Left mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, made his own appearance at Stanford, where he claimed that “the worst thing globalization has brought to social media is the proliferation of hate speech.” What’s hate speech? Anything Obama, Khan and their allies dislike. And the person they dislike most in the world is Donald Trump; Khan is worried about what could happen if Elon Musk allows Trump to return to Twitter.

The UK’s Guardian, which makes Lavrenti Beria look like a libertarian, said that at Stanford, Khan “called on tech companies to rein in hate speech, speaking about his own experience of abuse amplified by

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