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Loading Bench: The Do-It-All .30-30 Winchester

Guns In The News 2022-05-12

Is it the rifles chambered for it or is it the cartridge itself that keeps the .30-30 Win. an enduring favorite of American shooters and hunters? Certainly, the .30-30 has remained popular for decades because it was originally chambered in handy, compact rifles, such as the lever-action Winchester Model 94s and Marlin 336s, and continues on in newer rifles, such as the Mossberg 464 and Henry lever-guns. But the cartridge itself is also compelling, as it delivers sufficient bullet energy and a flat enough trajectory to handle many hunting chores, all with mild enough recoil to encourage lots of practice.

These bullets cover just about all the hunting required of the .30-30 Win. They are (l. to r.): Sierra 125-grain Pro-Hunter HP/FN; Barnes 150-grain TSX FN; Combined Technology 150-grain Ballistic Silvertip; Hornady 160-grain FTX; and Redding SAECO 180-grain FPGC.

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