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LA DA Gascon Oversees Breakdown of Civilization

George Gascon serves as Los Angeles’ District Attorney. (Photo credit: YouTube/CBS News)

What we are witnessing in Los Angeles is a breakdown of civilization, all in the name of so-called social justice.

On May 3, an armed man attacked comedian Dave Chappelle — who has drawn the ire of the left for daring to make jokes it doesn’t like about transgender activists — during a live performance at Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood Bowl arena.

This wasn’t just an impersonation of Will Smith at the Oscars.

According to reports, Chappelle’s attacker, Isaiah Lee, had in his possession a deadly weapon, a large knife attached to a replica handgun. He tackled the comedian to the ground. Chappelle’s security team was able to quickly apprehend the assailant before he could do any real damage, but what if security hadn’t been there?

TMZ with the clearest view of Dave Chappelle incident.. lol he basically

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