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Judge may end Trump contempt order, directs him to pay $110,000

A judge had ordered Trump to pay $10,000 a day for failing to produce documents related to tax case.

A New York judge said Wednesday he is close to releasing former US President Donald Trump from a contempt finding, but only if the former president meets certain conditions, including paying $110,000 in fines accrued for failing to turn over documents in a state civil investigation.

Judge Arthur Engoron said he will conditionally lift Trump’s contempt finding if, by May 20, Trump submits additional affidavits detailing efforts to search for records and explaining his and his company’s document retention policies, a company he hired to aid the search completes its work and he pays the fines.

The contempt order could be restored if those conditions are not met, Engoron said.

Engoron told a virtual hearing that a $10,000-per-day fine he imposed on Trump in late April stopped accruing on Friday, when Trump

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