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Judge dismisses case that could affect her husband's employer

A federal judge in California has dismissed a lawsuit challenging Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates even though she admits that her husband is employed by and owns thousands of dollars of stock in a company that supports both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine projects, creating what appears to be a conflict of interest.

According to court documents, the ruling came from Cathy Bencivengo, who had dismissed out of hand a complaint filed by attorney Gary Kreep on behalf of plaintiff Corazon de Cristo Cano and others.

The judge had been asked the excuse herself from the case, over her obvious personal financial interest that could be affected, and she refused.

The issue is that Bencivengo’s husband works for and owns pieces of Thermo Fisher.

She was asked to disqualify herself “in the face of facts indicating conflicts of interest,” a court filing explained. “Specifically, Judge Bencivengo owns between $50,000 to $100,00 in stock in

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