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Japan’s Major Problems for Crypto Adoption

Takaaki Kato, the Japan-based executive director and head of sales/trading for BitFlyer, doesn’t know how long into the future present conditions will sustain and analyzes the major problems for crypto adoption.

Persistent deflationary forces in Japan have puzzled economists for decades, but Kato does see potential instability for the Japanese yen. Also a fiat currency bear, Kato perceives Japan’s set of problems as major tailwinds for crypto adoption. Kato tells Real Vision’s Ash Bennington that President Joe Biden’s executive order directing a “whole of government” approach to U.S. crypto policy will usher in a bifurcated era of the regulated and the unregulated. Those crypto platforms that navigate uncertainty and earn sanctions by the U.S. government will have a head start on success in this new era. Recorded on March 9, 2022.

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00:00:46 Background & Introduction to Crypto
00:09:11 Crypto in Japan
00:14:50 Synthetic Advantages
00:18:37 Is the Yen Stable?
00:27:42 Macroeconomic Forces are Tied to Crypto
00:33:24 Biden’s Executive Order on Crypto
00:39:39 Final Thoughts

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