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J-20: The Ultimate Guide to China’s Own ‘F-35’ Stealth Fighter

’s stealth fighter has been making the rounds on the internet for years now. How good is this fighter in actual combat operations? Could it say, for example, take on a U.S. stealth fighter like the F-22 or F-35 or something from Russia? The South China Morning Post reported this recently that China’s J-20 stealth aircraft has been “making regular patrols over the East and South China Seas.” It was the first official confirmation that the country’s most advanced warplane was operating over such a wide area.

In addition, the statement from the aircraft’s developer also touted that the fifth-generation fighter is now powered by newly developed, domestically-built engines. That could likely increase the capabilities of the aircraft, which had previously been powered by Russian-made Al-31F engines as well as the indigenously-produced WS-10B. Both those engines were designed for less advanced aircraft.

“The J-20 has switched to a ‘Chinese heart’ and it has

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