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I Want to Give Liberals a Break. I Cannot

I am approaching my 500th post. The negativity we have experienced in the last fifteen months has been overwhelming. I have started writing a positive story every Sunday about someone deserving. I want to write something positive about , his administration, or Democrats, but I cannot. They continue to lie, defy the letter of the law, and take steps to tear down this great country.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

This week, Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate and found a way to conflate Inflation and . She was answering Tim Scott’s (R-SC) questions, which was not a good place for her to pull this thought out of the playbook. Yellen talked about the disproportionate impact of inflation on low-income Americans, which is agreed upon by all. She should have stopped there, but no. She went on to say how vital access to abortion is to

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