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I built 10 web apps… with 10 different languages

Which serverside web framework is the best? To find out, I built the same app 10 times with 10 different programming languages.. Learn the fundamentals of fullstack web development by comparing MVC frameworks.

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🔗 Resources

Ruby on Rails
Python Django
PHP Laravel
Java Spring
Elixir Phoenix
Rust Rocket
Go Gin
Swift Vapor
Kotlin Ktor

📚 Chapters

00:00 I Built 10 Fullstack Apps
01:04 MVC Architecture Explained
01:39 Rails
03:58 Django
05:14 Laravel
06:32 Next
08:23 Spring
09:25 .NET
10:36 Phoenix
11:27 Gin
12:25 Rocket
13:13 Vapor
13:52 Ktor
14:01 The GOAT

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🔖 Topics Covered

– Comparison of server-side frameworks
– How to build a fullstack web app
– Best way to build a web application
– Comparison of web development tools

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