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However He Exits, Can We Just Kiss Garcetti Goodbye Now?

As RedState reported here, here, and here, the nomination of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for Ambassador to India has encountered some rough waters due to allegations that Mayor Garcetti knew full well about the alleged sexual misconduct of his then-advisor Rick Jacobs and did nothing about it. Jacobs and the City of Los Angeles is being sued by Los Angeles Police Officer Matthew Garza over that alleged misconduct. Additional allegations have been lodged by Garcetti’s former communications director Naomi Seligman through a whistleblower complaint.

This was enough for Senator Chuck Grassley to put Garcetti’s nomination on hold pending his own staff’s investigation into what Garcetti knew, and when he knew it.

That was back in March.

On Tuesday, Sen. Grassley’s office released a statement, along with the full 23-page investigative report (the “Grassley report”) with its findings and conclusions.

Senator Grassley’s office also stated that the senator would not

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