You are currently viewing How to Grow Asparagus Pt. 1: Planting, Varieties, & Bed Prep

How to Grow Asparagus Pt. 1: Planting, Varieties, & Bed Prep

We finally have an asparagus bed here at the @Epic Homesteading garden! Growing asparagus is an exercise in patience as it takes a few years to ramp up, then produces for you for 20+ years. Well worth it if you know you’ll be in a location for a while. Learn how to plant asparagus crowns and seedlings in this part one in our asparagus grow series.

00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Asparagus Facts
00:56 – Varieties
01:49 – Bed Selection & Placement Tips
02:56 – Planting Crown
06:10 – Seedlings
06:30 – Jacques Asparagus
07:10 – Planting Seedlings
09:03 – Mulching
09:33 – Watering


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