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“Hollywood is full of CIA agents,” Says Ben Affleck

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by Jeremy Kuzmarov, Global Research:

In 2012, Argo won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The film starred Ben Affleck as a CIA agent named Tony Mendez who poses as a Hollywood producer scouting locations in Iran.

He helps to rescue six Americans who slipped away from the U.S. embassy during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis—when Islamic revolutionaries stormed the U.S. embassy and took 66 Americans hostage.

With the CIA reviewing the script, Argo “took many liberties with the truth,” according to The Atlantic magazine, “all geared to make Langley more heroic.”


Ben Affleck, left, and Bryan Cranston, right, in Argo, play CIA agents plotting risky operation to save Americans from Islamic revolutionary terrorists. [Source:]

Left out was any hint that the CIA had created the crisis in Iran by backing a coup in 1953 that overthrew Iran’s democracy.

A decade earlier, Affleck had starred in The Sum of All Fears, a film adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel written largely by the CIA’s entertainment liaison, whose main protagonist, Deputy CIA Director Jack Ryan, stops nuclear war from breaking out.

During Argo’s filming, the CIA brought the filmmakers to Langley for a tour and offered Affleck access to Agency analysts. Former CIA Agent John Kiriakou recalled bumping into Affleck in Langley along with other Hollywood stars such as Harrison Ford.

Affleck admitted that “probably Hollywood is full of CIA agents…we just don’t know it.”

Theaters of War

Theaters of War: How the Pentagon and CIA Took Hollywood is a new documentary produced by the Media Education Foundation exposing the link between the CIA, Pentagon and Hollywood.

The film follows the journey of media professor Roger Stahl across America as he interviews people—including industry insiders—who detail how the military and CIA have tried to valorize their activities in hundreds of Hollywood films and television shows, scrubbing scripts of war crimes, , racism, sexual assault, coups, assassinations and torture.

The propaganda is extremely effective because it is carried out under the guise of entertainment. Only very subtly are viewers conditioned.

Fetishizing the U.S. Military

One of the most poignant scenes of Theaters of War has Stahl bringing Oliver Stone

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