You are currently viewing Hoax cited as proof University of Utah ‘failed Black community’

Hoax cited as proof University of Utah ‘failed Black community’

Another University of Utah student pushes a likely hoax

A black student at the University of Utah repeated a likely hoax as proof that her school does not do enough to help racial minorities.

(pictured) bemoaned the lack of support for the black community at the public university. After she provided examples, such as a non-immediate response to a bomb threat against the Black Cultural Center and a sparsely attended “Day of Collective Action,” the student writer cited a likely hoax.

“This is not the first time the U has failed the Black community,” Alexander wrote in The Daily Utah Chronicle on May 4.

“One student reported having feces smeared on their dorm room door, while another witnessed men dressed as members parading in the dorms,” Alexander claimed. “These delayed responses display the U’s indifference to Black issues, ultimately highlighting the U’s failure to handle racial

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