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Here’s why I regret paying off my student loans

Sat May 14, 2022 – 11:33 am EDT

(LifeSiteNews) — Given that the usurper-in-chief has, with executive action, canceled more than $17 billion in student loans for half a million Americans, I’m not alone in regretting all those rice and bean dinners my wife and I ate. We were lucky to have found as newlyweds (and newly graduated adults) in 2007, and we adhered to some parts of his program with vigor. Living on a strict cash budget, we divided our limited funds between various envelopes – one for groceries, one for gas, one for utilities, and of course the empty one for travel and entertainment. We paid our smallest debts first, becoming addicted to the thrill of debt elimination in our early twenties. 

Granted, our student debt loads weren’t as high as others we knew; three of my four undergraduate tuition years

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