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Here’s How To Respond To Pro-Abortion Talking Points

Since we live in a soundbite, meme-driven generation, here are some soundbite responses to standard pro-abortion talking points, followed by fuller answers for those who want to dig deeper.

“I’m pro-choice.”

Then why not encourage women to seriously consider all their choices and not just abortion?

If you are truly pro-choice, you should advocate that abortion clinics lay out all possible choices for pregnant women, encouraging them to take time and make the best decision for themselves and their baby. And if you are really pro-choice, you should be pro-intelligent choice, which means looking at ultrasounds and thinking through all your options. And you should actively support pregnancy crisis centers that exist to give women choices other than adoption. 

Women who used to work at Planned Parenthood clinics testify that they were put under pressure to meet quotas, like salesmen closing a deal, since abortions bring in so much income. Do you think that

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