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Here Are Some Things That Are True…

Submitted by Jack Raines via Young Money,

Anytime stocks go down, you will see three comments from the investing community:

“Time in the market beats timing the market”

Warren Buffett quotes about buying when there is “blood in the streets”

References to Dot Com bubble declines and the subsequent gains of today’s biggest tech companies from those lows

Since January, I have seen examples of all three with increasing frequency.

Remember, time in the market beats timing the market.

In crypto this is especially true. Just ask those who had conviction and held through 2018-2020.

You won’t be able to time the exact tops and bottoms, but stay in the market long enough and you’ll be rewarded.

— Miles Deutscher (@milesdeutscher) February 19, 2022

When there is blood in the streets, stay ✨zesty✨ and buy #Bitcoin! 🤩💎🚀

— Miss Teen Crypto (@missteencrypto) January 6,

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