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Hard-Left Stacey Abrams Gets $1 Million from the Pro-Criminal Guy

Hard-left billionaire George Soros – a globalist – has spent over a billion dollars trying and succeeding in influencing -“buying” elections. He supports local, state, and national candidates, supplying them with inordinate amounts of money. His donations go to the furthest Left candidate, in Georgia’s case, he has a winner in Stacey Abrams. There is no Left she won’t go to.

Hard-Left Soros is an open border, pro-criminal, anti-American leftist who believes in the New World Order and The Great Reset. He just contributed $1 million to hard-left Democrat Stacey Abrams as she runs once again for governor of Georgia. Although she never ceded the last time.

She’s already funded by a wealthy Marxist-Leninist Phillips-Sanders family, according to Trevor Loudon who has the receipts.

Special PACs can spend what they want.

A filing with the Federal Election Commission documented the donation from Democracy PAC II, a federal committee

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