You are currently viewing Hannity goes after Barnette for attacking … Obama and Islam

Hannity goes after Barnette for attacking … Obama and Islam

One of the most surreal Fox segments I’ve ever seen.

“Hannity as the avatar of a RINO establishment on the wrong side of a populist insurgency is a kind of karma,” Dan McLaughlin tweeted last night about Hannity going all-in for his pal, Mehmet Oz. Eh, I don’t know about that. Hannity was a thoroughly establishment guy during the Bush years, when maintaining your position in conservative media required tirelessly defending Dubya from the left. When the GOP was thrown out of power and the base shifted towards small-government populism, Hannity shifted too, becoming a tea-party insurgent. When his buddy Trump caught fire in 2015 it was easy for him to shift again, this time towards a more nationalist anti-establishment conservatism.

He goes where the base goes. Trump and his courtiers are now the de facto Republican establishment and that establishment wants Dr. Oz to win in Pennsylvania so Hannity

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