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Gunwerks Announces The Trak Skunkwerks Series Hunting Package

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From Gunwerks . . .

Introducing the The TRAK, the latest edition of the Skunkwerks series of limited run rifle packages from Gunwerks. We built & assembled The TRAK in collaboration with several brand partners with the mission to provide the ultimate bike kit to take you farther, get you there faster, and do it all quietly, ultimately saving you time and energy to focus your efforts on the hunt, not the approach.

For many hunters, mobility is the biggest challenge. Getting the truck to the trailhead and killing the animal are the easy parts. It’s getting into the mountains or to the spot they want to hunt, and carrying all their gear there where the majority of time, effort and planning are spent.

In applications where an Ebike is acceptable (some wilderness & regulatory restrictions), like areas in the midwest [quietly] getting to

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