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Greg Gutfeld: The New Undisputed King Of Late Night

What late night comedian/talk-show host routinely brings in more total viewership than Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert? Who routinely attracts an average of over 2 million night after night, including the 25-54 demographic so highly coveted by advertisers? The answer is none other than Greg Gutfeld. Since the end of Letterman, Leno, Conan, and especially Carson, the late night setting has become far more political. Few have managed to navigate this arena so skillfully as Fox’s insightful class clown. 

Like many in his position, Gutfeld is a 20-year overnight success. Over the course of his career in media, he has worked as a writer and editor for various publications including Prevention, Men’s Health, and Maxim. He was also a contributor to the Huffington Post, where he became, according to his website bio, “legendary for his ‘inspired, lunatic, ridicule of his leftwing fellow Huffers’.” His targets included Deepak Chopra, Cenk

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