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Government Needs To Put Families First

Pro- legislation rarely makes it past Democrats willing to stop it and substitute their social engineering agenda. , a Democrat from California (I know) may be different. Or he’s just using “for the kids” as a stalking horse for typical Democrat far left policies. You decide.

Stefanik cosponsors legislation to protect family farms, businesses

— Sun Community News (@SunCmtyNews) April 6, 2022

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Harder: My wife and I recently welcomed our baby daughter Lily into the world. She was healthy, curious, and perfect. It was both the happiest day of my life and also the scariest.

I wasn’t scared of the stuff they teach you in parenting classes though, I knew we’d figure that out. What terrified me was that the country Lily is coming into isn’t setting her up for success. The foundational factors for a good life — safety,

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