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Goodbye to Jen Psaki!

We are losing “circle back” Psaki to MSDNC where she will soon have its lowest-rated show!

Being the official mouthpiece for the most unpopular (and unelected) administration in the history of the United States sounds like the world’s worst job — but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki relished the role. She never seemed burdened by the same ethical concerns as mere mortals. Like all the great comic book villains, she wanted to seize the opportunity to take center stage and push the boundaries. She wasn’t interested in bending the truth (as the saying goes) here and there occasionally like her predecessors — she wanted to sow misinformation like a combine harvester.

Just think of all the wildly inaccurate answers, the obvious deflections, the pure flim-flam that Jen Psaki has produced in 16 months. There’s so much of it that it’s difficult to remember all of the absurdities. You tend to

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